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We observe a ramping polarization in hate speech across North America spreading wider apart North American people. Our three nations share a variety of interconnected issues. Without a systemic vision of our interconnected problems, short-minded and short-time solutions will potentially create unwanted consequences in our shared future.

That is why we designed the Dialogues for North America (DNA). DNA is a shared effort to build dialogue-bridges and lay down the mechanisms for a North American People ‘s Diplomacy platform for future generations.

By joining this effort every one of us can contribute to build a common vision of where we can potentially drive our North American Future. An empathetic North American Future.

Thank you so much for being part of this.

DNA Guidelines

Objective: Laurentia is committed to facilitating the diffusion of knowledge across North America to build tighter integration across the continent. Dialogues for North America, or DNAs, are the primary instrument to spread awareness of critical cross-border issues affecting our countries and to showcase the expertise of our members.

Format: The format is a 20 min webinar in which 3 Laurentia members (Canadian, Mexican and America) join a conversation following the topic of their choice. The result is a 3 bullet recommendation.

Guideline: Think about the following :

  • The Issue at Hand. Summarize the key development you are covering in 3-5 sentences.
  • Why should we care? What’s the impact or potential impact we need to be paying attention to? What are the cross-border implications? How does it relate to North American interests?
  • Empathy: Who thinks different to you? Why? Why do they feel that way? What are the possible middle grounds or common goals to be able to bridge that gap?
  • What are we doing about it? What projects are you working on related to this issue? What’s the call to action for Laurentia members and related networks?

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