About Us


A Tri-national Convergence

Laurentia, named after the ancient geological core of the North American continent, is a tri-continental council bringing together emerging leaders from Mexico, the United States and Canada who share a mission to foster integration on the North American continent for the betterment of future generations.

The world is approaching a major inflection point as aging demographics, rapid technological progress and a global re-balancing in trade are altogether fueling a rise in polarization, protectionism, xenophobia and overall political angst across the globe. At the same time, great power rivalry among the United States, China and Russia is returning to the global stage, applying heavy stress to those countries caught in the cracks of their high-stakes competition. While the coming decades will bring immense challenges, we believe that North America, endowed with abundant natural resources, tight economic synergies and a natural drive toward integration, has not only the means to weather the storm ahead, but to prosper in a highly competitive global environment if our three nations can together chart a common purpose.


Collaboratively Forge The Future In Unison

We find it shocking that, despite the immense potential that exists on this continent, there is a severe dearth of trilateral dialogue and collaboration among emerging leaders. Laurentia is a tri-national platform for emerging Mexican, American and Canadian leaders to pool together their knowledge, talents and networks to drive toward solutions to the common challenges faced by our nations. Those challenges include growing and modernizing trade in an age of protectionism, skills-training for new job creation in age of rapid technological progress, rational immigration policy in an age of nativism, responsibly reducing poverty and maintaining economic stability in an age of populism, security cooperation in an age of rampant drug use and corruption, environmental protection in an age of climate politics, delivering truth to the masses in an age of fake news and driving genuine political cooperation in an age of intense polarization.


A Tri-national Convergence

Our organization will commit to the following principles: